Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Fighting Weight"

Most of us our concerned when we gain weight. Perhaps more important is our percent body fat. As we age we gain more visceral fat around our organs and more intermuscular fat Fat percentage is traditionally measured with calipers on skin folds around your lovers's handles and a few other locations. Testing reliability can be an issue.New impedance technology measures extracellular water. This allows more accurate, repeatable testing. You can even compare the fat percentage in one leg compared to the other. Ideal body fat pecentage for athletic women is 14-20%. Male athletes have a lower target 6-13%. After learning I was pre diabetic I decided to have my heart checked out and fat percentage taken. The heart is what kills many diabetics. My EkG checked out and and a cardiologist only picked up a murmur. My friend Paul at SandandSteelfitness measured my fat percentage at 9.8 which was a relief. So for now I'm going to watch the added sugar, take the salmon choice more often than the steak and keep taking my boxing class to keep my " fighting weight".

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