Saturday, January 3, 2015

Denial and Your Health

I recently had my hemoglobin A1C tested and it came up 6.2 which puts me squarely in a pre diabetes category. The NIH considers pre-diabetes between 5.7-6.4%. This means your chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes go up significantly over the next decade unless you do something to lower the chances. I mentioned my level to Gary Hall Jr. who is no stranger to exercise and diabetes. He turned adversity into a gold medal swimming. He proffered maybe a bit more exercise. Those that know me know I am pretty regular with exercise but during the work week but it is sometimes regulated to a bike commute totaling 5 miles so maybe trying to get to the gym for a more focused workout a little more ofter in the workweek for 2015. I decided to lose the carbs in the morning , try to skip or reduce the sugar in my coffee decrease my go to pasta frequency and cut back on the ice-cream and chocolate chip cookies. Best to own your health rather than hide from it.

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