Sunday, December 6, 2009

Making a Man Out of Mac (continued)

It turns out that much of what we need to do to get in better shaped is 
linked to when we choose to eat relative to our workouts and during the 
course of our day.  The following posts were provided by my friend Jon 
who has  designed a game plan for getting the most out of our workout 
and eating schedules.  If you have the discipline to keep to a schedule 
you can accomplish more with shorter intense workouts.

There are so many options when it comes to food that you could eat a different food every time you eat something for the rest of your life. Same goes for drinking options.

You crave certain foods. If you are like most people, you tend to crave foods that are not typically helpful to weight loss and fitness efforts.

Yet most of us still want to lose weight (or at least maintain our current weight) and be more fit.

These are the reasons why most restrictive diet plans fail and exactly why EET has been designed with the key guideline that your eating plan has to be customized to fit your lifestyle and will include the foods you crave.

EET is not trying to change your food cravings, as if they are something bad or harmful. In fact, EET has a tremendous respect for the foods you crave. These cravings are part of your body's current metabolic memory and they are sending you a message that there is SOMETHING about these particular foods that is positive for you.

There are many possibilities to explain your food cravings. Maybe it's emotional, eating the foods you crave make you feel better. Maybe it has to do with your body's unique chemistry, the foods you crave might give you more energy or maybe your body just really wants to experience the particular taste of the foods you crave.

Whatever the exact reasons are, EET is clear about what the reasons for food cravings are NOT:

It's not that you are undisciplined, or unhealthy or that everything you want to eat is bad for you. That's what the existing world of diet and exercise plans would have you believe.

So food cravings are good, and your weight loss and fitness plan should be built around them, because if you satisfy these cravings and can still meet your weight loss and fitness goals, you are very likely to stay with such a plan. EET is such a plan. Possibly the only plan that will allow you to enjoy the foods you crave, every day.

Does EET's approach to embracing food cravings have risks? Yes. You have to learn when your body can best handle the foods you crave, so there might be times you have to wait to eat the foods you love, but you never have to wait for long. You have to learn to control the portions of the foods you crave, and some people are not good at that. However, like many of life's great benefits, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Take water and electricity as examples.

Correct amounts of water are among the healthiest items you can include in your diet (if you time it right). Too much water can be very harmful or even fatal.

The correct amount of electricity to meet your needs is one of the most helpful items in our lives, yet too much electricity is very harmful or even fatal.

We don't suggest people live without water or electricity, instead teachers explain how and when to use them to their greatest advantage. This makes them wonderful, positive parts of your life.

Teachers of EET have the same approach to the foods you crave the most.

Jon Pearlstone, age 46, is the founder of the EET Fitness Plan. He has lost over 30 pounds in the last 19 months eating the foods he loves and exercising less than 30 minutes per day 5-6 days per week. For more information on EET contact Jon at

Here's a before and after picture update of Jon since his original post in Sept 2009:

May 2008 200 LBS

Sept 2009 176 LBS _________________ Dec 2009 168 LBS
________________________________ (Right after T-Giving!)