Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's All in The Footwork

Specialist quarterback coach George Whitfield , Jr.  couldn't make it in the NFL and after 2 years in arena football turned to coaching.  He new there was much more to the position than coaches were providing particularly with the footwork.  Much like the what trainers have done with boxing for years and the Hall's have done with swimming like training he has broken the the motion of the sport to fundamental tasks.  The key are the moorings in almost every sport whether it be skiing, soccer, boxing or fencing.  Agility drills that address the unique requirement to a sport and are going to make you a better player and may save you from injury.  RGIII took a pass on Whitfield and may have ended up in the same spot had he employed him but his injury was precipitatate by a misstep.
 Whitfield has his quarterbacks train on the beach in the sand and water as well as timing drills with cues ranging from brooms to  beanbags.  It's not surprising that he has had clients like Cam Newton and Andrew Luck as at the end of the day a smart player and team are going to find what is necessary to make them perform better.  It takes discipline to train this way but it may be the edge you need.