Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Fighting Weight"

Most of us our concerned when we gain weight. Perhaps more important is our percent body fat. As we age we gain more visceral fat around our organs and more intermuscular fat Fat percentage is traditionally measured with calipers on skin folds around your lovers's handles and a few other locations. Testing reliability can be an issue.New impedance technology measures extracellular water. This allows more accurate, repeatable testing. You can even compare the fat percentage in one leg compared to the other. Ideal body fat pecentage for athletic women is 14-20%. Male athletes have a lower target 6-13%. After learning I was pre diabetic I decided to have my heart checked out and fat percentage taken. The heart is what kills many diabetics. My EkG checked out and and a cardiologist only picked up a murmur. My friend Paul at SandandSteelfitness measured my fat percentage at 9.8 which was a relief. So for now I'm going to watch the added sugar, take the salmon choice more often than the steak and keep taking my boxing class to keep my " fighting weight".

Monday, January 19, 2015

Treating my Achilles Tendon With Amnion Cells

Regenerative medicine is fairly new to sports medicine.Amnion tissue contains proteins that have anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors.The cells have little imumogenic activity which means there is no issue with rejection. I've been battling my own achilles tendonosis injury for some time trying lasers yoga and compression sleeves. Amnion tissue is also considered immune privileged because it does not have factors which could be rejected. I used guidance with ultrasound to localize the area which was injured. So far so good . Played soccer once last week and ran easy once over the weekend. The repetition of game speed will determine how effective the shot was for me in the end. Anyone that tells you any different is selling false hope. You can find out more information about receiving this treatment at Arlington Foot and Ankle.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Denial and Your Health

I recently had my hemoglobin A1C tested and it came up 6.2 which puts me squarely in a pre diabetes category. The NIH considers pre-diabetes between 5.7-6.4%. This means your chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes go up significantly over the next decade unless you do something to lower the chances. I mentioned my level to Gary Hall Jr. who is no stranger to exercise and diabetes. He turned adversity into a gold medal swimming. He proffered maybe a bit more exercise. Those that know me know I am pretty regular with exercise but during the work week but it is sometimes regulated to a bike commute totaling 5 miles so maybe trying to get to the gym for a more focused workout a little more ofter in the workweek for 2015. I decided to lose the carbs in the morning , try to skip or reduce the sugar in my coffee decrease my go to pasta frequency and cut back on the ice-cream and chocolate chip cookies. Best to own your health rather than hide from it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

... Weighing In On Some Evidence for Forefoot Strike vs Heel Strike

In 2010 I wrote :There appears to be a continuum of preference for barefoot running related to a runner's efficiency and abilities. Certainly runners that have grown up running barefoot in areas where it is more prevalent, like Kenya, have been conditioned to run more efficiently barefoot than more industrialized countries. Beyond that elite athletes are exceptional in their foot musculature and would have an easier time in general running barefoot than others. A word about zealots on both sides of running barefoot vs shod. Some will experience cognitive dissonance when their point of view is challenged. This means that when presented with evidence contrary to their point of view they will tend to deny it or reframe the evidence as if it was part of their argument all along. We should remember this, otherwise we are no better than the iconic Dr. Zaius who held both the posts of both minister of science and defender of the faith, a conflict of interest that does not seek out answers, only support for our own preconceived views. It turns out for the answers are very individual and may not be what we expect. Podiatrist and biomechanics guru Kevin Kirby,DPM brought two important papers to my attention in a recent conversation. The small studies done by Kumala and Rooney independently suggest that forefoot running may offload the knee but not during the adaptation phase if you are a heel striker and heel strike running is easier on the ankles, My own take on previous claims made by Dan Lieberman that we were born to run barefoot(approaching forefoot strike)based on anthropological research was that it was not relevant to modern running. There will be more research forthcoming.