Monday, February 2, 2015

How Regenerative Medicine May Prevent Bigger Injuries

Part of the cycle of injury is getting back too early. Just look at RGIII and his ACL. Beckam tore his achilles before the World Cup in 2010 but it was probably not due to one play. Repetitive injury sets up bigger injuries. on smaller scale I have had a micro tear in my own achilles that I recently injected with amnion cells that contain growth factors to speed up healing. This is especially important for aging athletes. After the injection I worked on strengthening the area around the achilles with balance exercise in you practice and kept up my cardio with a boxing class. i had a full speed game last weekend and my achilles held up fine. i am now going to be more careful about playing two games in a row hard. I don't think the injection was a magic bullet but I do believe it set up the healing cascade.

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