Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Don't MEN DO Yoga

This week the health section of the Washington Post posed the question why men shy away from yoga. It is a stigma for some guys but many(including yours truly)have experienced the benefits after injuries. Once the benefits are are know you begin to understand the higher level of yoga to overall health and well being. It is no coincidence that some NFL teams use yoga in their training. It is more widely recognized in Olympic sports development. Both Gary Hall Jr. and Sr. were big early proponents in their dry land swim training and coaching. Recently I bruised a rib after a skateboard injury after a challenge by my daughter that can only be described as more Homer Simpson than Bode Miller. By going to a studio that has smaller numbers you are able to get modifications to help you open up the muscles that are in spasm while protecting against further injury.Sustained practice will also help your ability to limit the extent of injuries and recover more quickly.