Saturday, September 15, 2012

Warts & the Wolfman

No this post isn't about a new Wolfman movie. It's actually about trying to get rid of plantar warts. Warts are a virus. They are a strain of HPV. Plantar warts are a partiicularly hardy strain and they can reside on pool surfaces, bathroom surfaces and the skin itself. Do you remember the old Wolfman movies wear the nice guy turns into a werewolf and they film it time lapse style? I call a treatment I use on warts the reverse wolfman because when it does work it cause warts to fade away. It uses a dectivated yeast called Candida which gets the body to recognize the foreign antigen because it sometimes cannot recognize the wart virus. The treatment takes about 2 months to work but it sometimes has no effect since everyone has a slightly different immune system. Lasers can also be used for warts. They work by damaging the blood vessels that provide nutrients for the warts. If you look at a wart you will saee little black dots; those are the blood vessels. Although some warts go away on their own, plantar warts tend to be tougher to get rid of without treatment.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marathon Man

I just read how would be Vice President, Paul Ryan "mis-remembered" his marathon time from 20 years ago and I think it says a lot about him and our country's obsession with perceived accomplishment. Who does not remember their marathon time?? I mean it's a race against the clock and there is only one winner. I remember my best time over 30 years ago- it was 3 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds. Who cares? It's about what you can do. Now don't get me wrong. I hate losing. When our bike race team failed to make the "Little 500" my Junior year at I.U. after giving about every ounce I could to train not only could I not watch the race, I went to train the next semester by myself at Virginia Tech staying in my brother's dorm to wash away the disappointment before returning in the Spring to I.U. Now you can say,as Paul Ryan did, my brother ribbed me about rounding down to 3 hours and that might be exusable if if you're at the maturity level of a pre-adolescent but not the person of character I want a heartbeat away from the presidency or coaching young people. Nothing wrong with the run/walk thing. Self actualization in sports is about laying it on the line and being content with what YOU can achieve.