Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recovering Outside the Box

Injuries are not fun . In order to keep fit you can do other activities while you recover. I recently hurt my achilles tendon playing soccer and have been swimming, doing yoga and using a speed bag to get some cardio. I try to swim underwater the length of a pool as another means to help keep up my cardio that is less taxing on my body than sprinting injury or no injury. Usually, unless you are spinning hard or doing lots of hills biking is ok with an achilles tendon injury. People underestimate how helpful your core can be in helping to recover from injury. Because we function as a unit in sports a strong core can help prevent slumping while running or worse not sustaining a twisting motion and having the force create an unstable moment in the back, knee or ankle. Part of sustaining training is keeping it interesting and this applies to recovering as well. Gary Hall Jr. used to go spear fishing to break up the monotony of pool laps. Coaches are always trying to think up creative games durin practice and you can apply the same philosophy to recovery.

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