Sunday, June 8, 2014

Putting on Your Own Oxygen Mask First When Facing Injury

We all face daily decisions of taking care of yourself versus doing other things vying for our attention. When recovering from injury you have to put the necessary time in. I am nursing an achilles strain and I went to yoga this morning versus continuing to play soccer through a persistent injury. Part of the key to getting better is the recognition that "playing through" an injury is going to prolong the healing in most cases. You have to tell yourself the charge you get from competition is muted to begin with because you are playing guarded when you are hurt. It is tempting to think that you can play and rehab but unless you have youth,genetics and luck on your side it is not sustainable. I got injured in part because I had not went to my usual twice a week yoga regimen with consistency, In fact for my almost half century old body I need to commit to yoga a minimum of every other day, The structure and pacing of a class in more valuable than doing it on your own but there is nothing wrong with supplementing your classes with 20 minutes on your own when time does not permit. It is also helpful to cross-train with other activities such as swimming or weights when recovering from overuse injuries in the lower extremity.

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