Friday, February 7, 2014

Top 3 Olympic Memories Contest

Top Winter Olympic Memories contest will be extended to the end of the Olympics as many of us are just getting into the spirit! Prizes include some fashion/function boots from Soles, snuggly Winter Slippers & insulated Sole sport insoles. To qualify for entry send your top 3 to and like our page Arlington Foot and Ankle on Facebook. James Hess is the top Olympic memories contestant so far.... 1) 1980 US Hockey victory over CCCP, 2) Eric Heiden 1980 -- winning 5 golds in speed skating at every distance -- in my mind among the greatest athletic accomplishments ever -- like winning the 100 meter dash and the marathon in the same week 3) Franz Klammer's downhill win in 1976 4) Dorothy Hamel's gold in 1976 Olympics 5) Norwegian XC skier Bjorn Daehlie's Classical 10K Pursuit gold medal over Thomas Algaard in the 1992 Albertville games 6) Bill Demong's Gold medal along with Johnny Spillane's silver in the same event in the Nordic Combined in 2010 Vancouver games . First ever medal for an American in this event -- gold and Silver. If I thought more, I might come up with something obscure.

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