Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hype the Shoe, Take Two Aspirin and Call me in the Morning

So it's not just the minimalist shoes that get runners in my office. Here's the bottom lugs one the over-hyped Newton's. The idea here is it accentuate the "Pose" method or Forefoot running. I had a runner come see me yesterday who had been doing fine in the Saucony Ghost and was swayed into trying these out. The problem with the shoes is the crease line and lug distribution put a hot spot near the common location for a neuroma between the heads of the third and fourth metatarsals. She had not developed a neuroma yet but I saw swelling on my ultrasound that could develop into one if she continued with the Newton's. to much distribution to the forefoot. I told her to go back to the Ghost and and take some time to let the swelling reduce. Hype is what sells. Reality is the lesson.


*jeanne* said...
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*jeanne* said...

I bought one pair of Newtons - the most expensive and most uncomfortable pair of running shoes I have ever tried. Never again.