Thursday, July 18, 2013

Damn it Jim! I've Got Plantar Fasciitis!

So now I can officially add plantar fasciitis to my laundry list of sports related injuries , most notably being my torn ACL and achilles tendon tear. I am doing just like the rest of many of my patients do and playing thru it, albeit with some caution and I am playing soccer but not running on the road. The next post I put up will show an ultrasound of my partially healed fascia. I got he new F^ sock , have been keeping up with yoga and stretching back my toes. I tried a new running shoe on the treadmill the other day but after 3 minutes I could feel a twinge. I am wearing my orthotics for sports and flip between crocs and sneakers with orthotics at work,, I have tried a l3 laser treatments which temporarily made it feel better. The question Is whether it would have stayed bet err had I stayed away from the Saturday soccer match ritual. In short I am not that far from the rest of you suffering weekend warriors- just armed with a little bit more knowledge on what to do and not willing to go completely idle for the time being...

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raunak rawat said...

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