Saturday, January 2, 2010

Making a Man Out of Mac & Getting Back the Six Pack Back For Spring

I was fascinated by the dude getting sand kicked in his face on the back of comic books growing up...
I now know that developing strength, tone and muscle building
is not a direct function of how much you max out on at the gym.
If you workout smarter and eat accordingly burning the fat and buffing
up does not have to eat up all your time.

For example if you work out one or two body parts per session i.e.
chest/ shoulders you will develop strength and muscle faster because
you are extensively working those targeted areas vs doing a bunch of
different body parts. Now throw on some Tabatta intervals on top of that
named after the Japanese speed skating coach which consist of 20
seconds at all out intensity of an activity such as jumping rope,
speed bag,or core work followed by 10 second rest for 4-5 minutes
and you will boost your adrenaline and testosterone levels promoting
fat burn and muscle building.

If you do additional cardio later that day you are burning down the calories
your body needs to muscle build. Also if you natural lean body mass like me
you have to up your calorie count particularly around the zones of your work out.
If you are on the other end of the spectrum then do not binge at night.
You can readmore on this on my friend Jon's posts on this blog.

In short order you will burn off the six packs watching ballgames and the
Olympics over the winter and build up your new six pack.
You still have to be consistent to make it back.

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