Monday, January 11, 2010

Choose the right tools for the job & avoid injury

So I was playing soccer the other night with my Mundo shoes. The little nubbie things grabbed the indoor carpet and I had one of those While E. Coyote moments (you know where he suddenly realizes he’s over the edge of the cliff and his head stays there a second agape while the rest of his body keeps moving.) as my knee popped in and out of joint. I originally hurt my knee with a bucket handle tear of my meniscus and acl tear on a red clay field that soccer field that is indigenous to the Washington DC area developed on swampland. Again the shoe selection,in this case cleats instead of my Mundos was the wrong one for the field. Sometimes a small thing can have a major effect on an outcome.

What I did was akin to using a flat head screw driver for a Phillips screw. Lesson learned:choose the right tools for the job, in the case of the turf flats such as Sambas. In the case of the dry red clay no cleats.

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