Friday, August 22, 2008

No Bolt from the Blue

Usain Bolt broke three world record while gathering 3 gold medals in the mens' 100 meters and 200 meters and 4x100 meter relays in this years Olympics. Never been done. The New York times recently raised speculation as to whether or not his performance was clean. The issue was also raised as to the improved performance of the whole Jamaican track team. Usain was beating older athletes at 15 in Jamaica so he is no bolt from the blue. I'm a podiatrist and make my living watching movement patterns. There is no wasted energy with Bolt (other than his celebratory arm waving just before the finish). If thats the way he can do it more poer to him! At 6'5" his head does not move up and down and he is tight getting out of the blocks (little lateral movement). Having said that I choose to embrace his accomplishment with the recognition that there is uncertainty with respect to PED use in modern sports. To acknowledge some uncertainty is not bashing the performance of an athlete like Bolt. It is living in reality.

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Joe Arena said...

Yea that guy is pretty nasty. Anyone who does something amazing in sports these days is going to get accused of taking steroids no matter what.