Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aqua Velo, Its not an aftershave!

Well after my wife catching the triathlon bug after doing the bike leg of the Columbia Iron girl I decided I better step up to the plate. Great thing to train for as a couple and I saw my wife Laura morph from non-athlete to triathlete. I was proud of her. Its only taken 10 years of marriage for me to rub off on her! Because I have a chunk of cartilage in my left knee gone on my femoral condyle after a second ACL/medial meniscus knee injury doing excessive plyometrics I have opted for an Aqua Velo. I am still deciding which one and was tempted by the Chesapeake Man which features a 2.3 mile swim but it has been over 10 years since my Olympic distance triathlon and priority number one is not to drown and I think I should start with a shorter open water swim.
I am open for suggestions. For those not familiar an aqua velo is a stand alone event but more frequently part of an organized
triathlon in which you only complete the bike and swim segments. A way for the 40 something set with bad knees to get back in competition and put off the appointment with your friendly neighborhood orthopedist for a knee replacement!


Laura Pearl said...

...or my motivation could have been a mother of 4, Yael Roggen, who dared us to do a triathlon relay together just months after she had given birth to twin boys. : )

Anonymous said...

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