Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jim my plantar fasciitis is Cured !!!!!

My plantar fasciitis Has finally improved!! I would attribute this to consistent use of my orthotics and FS6 Plantar fasciitis sock. I was able to continue to play soccer and a new pair of cleats helped. I chose not to wear a night splint. I did not inject my heal with a cortisone shot and was on the verge of trying a another laser treatment. I had tried two treatments prior. It's always difficult to say what exactly cured it and I still have an occasional twinge or two. I think that being out of commission with my back for a couple of weeks may have been the final forced rest I needed to get better. You have to have a a self awareness that continuing to do distance running or in my case explosive sports like soccer can cause setbacks but then the alternative is going back to the black and white TV version of your active life versus the color deluxe version.


John Dudley said...

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deny lost said...

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