Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Last Straw

When I saw Kobe's season ending torn achilles  injury in the news this morning something struck me. It was in the playoff run and he was being worked extra hard. Sound familiar RG111/Redskin fans?
He also said he had made a similar move a million times.  It was the proverbial last straw for his achilles.  The achilles tendon looks like a bunch of straws in cross section and when you examine it with diagnostic ultrasound.  The blood supply near the insertion for healing is terrible, hence the proverbial achilles heal. You can tell when the fibers are starting to fray BEFORE there is injury.  So why not take studies of these at a base line if a high level athlete is doing the type of workload these pro and college athletes are faced with? Tools like laser, EPAT and prudent rest might prevent headlines the next day. It may never happen. It is the pros after all.

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