Monday, January 7, 2013

What We can Take Away from RGIII

It does not take a Monday morning quarterback to say that at some point RG111 should have been giving some sort of reprieve.  The franchise is riding on that wobbly knee.  Of course the problem is the culture of the NFL.   You're supposed to be Superman.  But yo can't ASK Superman if he's ok to stay in the game.  The coach and doctors need to watch him and Tell him when to come out.  When they had the lead they could have taken him out for a series and at least given him a break after the point at which he took off his helmet after a hard hit on the sideline.  A study of runners at Indiana University showed that the point most people get injuries is when they fatigue,  Now magnify this a gazillion times in the pace  and pounding of the NFL and that knee buckle was not if but when.  Now if he had gone back in after a series out maybe he would have had that similar injury but suppose Kurt Cousins put in earlier manages to score some points and just maybe you can rest up your franchise player for another week or another season.

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