Friday, April 6, 2012

Let The Side Show Begin, Hurry! Hurry! Step Right on In

You ever find yourself up one night clicking through for the local ESPN station and come across one of these hucksters pushing some magic elixir that's going to change your life?? It's pretty funny. It is also shocking how many people get on board the cable and internet health train. Just a modern version of the traveling medicine man pedaling stuff out of the back of a wagon, really. This particular guy goes on a rant how there is no good evidence supporting supplements with glucosamine and then tells you how you are going to become arthritis free with their natural product backed by studies. Guess what the magic ingredient is?? Right, glucosamine! What about the satisfaction guaranteed part? How many people that buy this stuff off a cable TV ad have it together enough to save the receipt , unused product and get it sent out to the post office in 30 days? I'm guessing about the same number that have an old Motown Blue Magic "Sideshow" 45 somewhere in their attic.

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