Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Training Bode Miller Style

I was looking to do a rant about being amused at people that break out their new toner shoes and expect that they are going to have buns of steel.
My comment on a recent link on the subject was that people should be focusing much more on training intensity a la old school Bode's Miller than some new fangled shoe that you're going to wear while drinking a latte on your urban hike.
Looking for a pic of some of Bode's workouts I came across a National Geographic article of one of Bode's self inflicted strength/stability workouts. He wheel barrels his friends up a hill.
Training equipment will only get you so far. It is true that you can buy time on a racing bike
but when it comes to training equpment many people lose the primary focus for the frills and fads.

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