Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wham-O! I'm Not Superman!

So I was goofing off one summer in Buffalo,New York with my nephews on a slip and slide. I thought I might try cruising down the Slip 'n Slide set up on the lawn Silver Surfer style instead of ala Pete Rose head first into home plate... Big mistake.

At the time I had no problem. Somewhere around eight that night my ankle started to feel like it was being crushed. Wham-O! I'm talking about tears streaming down your face type pain. The torque on my ankle from my jumping had caused an acute bone bruise and sprain. The body has a memory to insult and it can react the opposite of delayed gratification. In this case it was pay your dues for your mortal sin of thinking you could crash your body like a teenager. 6 Advils and several sessions of ice and elevation later I was able to get to sleep a little past midnight. Just last week I was reminded of my weekend warrior body when after taking up my second
sessions of Gaelic Football I started experiencing intense pain this time in my foot about 2 hours into my daughter's friend's birthday party that forced me to the couch and crutches for 8 hours.
This time an acute sprain of my foot. The deal is that once your foot starts to swell even a little bit there are a lot of nerves down there that are not very happy. You also don't get to rest the area unless you are put in a cat or on crutches. I have patients that look at me dumbfounded regarding their hobbled condition with foot pain and I ask them what they did and they tell me I hiked or whatever and were fine at the but the reality is that your body remembers. Particularly if you have an old injury. You have to respect that.

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