Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sports Medicine Blog

I've been a board-certified podiatrist since 1992. I ran track and cross country in high school followed by a short-lived track stint at Indiana University as a walk-on. When I injured my achilles tendon, I switched over to bike racing and tried my hand at IU's Little 500 Bike Race popularized in the 1970's hit movie "Breaking Away."

Years later, I tore my ACL playing soccer just before turning 40. I realized that I would need to take my conditioning much more seriously to avoid further injuries. So I sought out the best rehab protocols and programs out there today. Now I do my best to integrate everything I've learned into my state-of-the-art sports-medicine practice. I try to maintain an active lifestyle: a decade as a snow-ski instructor, road biking, conditioning, and yoga, all of which has allowed me to stay injury free for the past eight years. Part of the key to remaining healthy is to incorporate your workouts into your daily life whether it be your commute to work or at home.

I'll be sharing knowledge from my medical practice and my experience with athletes, information that will be useful for both the weekend warrior and more serious athlete: for training and living injury free. Stayed tuned in for special guests--friends and athletes with their own stories to tell. I welcome your feedback.

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