Monday, September 8, 2008

Balance, Injuries and Tom Brady

I watched the replay of Tom Brady's ACL injury on his left knee and it struck me that he was somewhat tentative before he through the pass. Was it because he didn't take reps with no exhibition games under his belt or was he still favoring his injured right foot from last year. Even he may not fully know. We make a lot of small adjustments in athletics subconsciously. One thing is for sure is that he has a steep road to recovery in the NFL with that type of injury. He is a professional and you can't second guess starting a star like Brady in the season opener. Most of us do sports for fun and the lesson here is that one injury can impact another injury even when you don't realize it. I did not scream when I tore my acl and had a bucket handle tear when I hurt my knee playing soccer so I can only imagine the other structures that were damaged with his injury. Many pro skiers continue after a torn acl because their leg muscles are so strong but with football there will be no choice but a full reconstruction.

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